Monday, 7 December 2009

Weekly Recap

Another good week for tunes here at Some Lost, Some Found. Our traffic has been picking up significantly over the last couple of days, so people seem to be digging what we are doing around these parts.

If you have released some music, or know of some tunes that you think should get some more attention, feel free to email us a link to their location or post it in the comments section bellow a post.

Here is what we covered this week.

1. The new EP from the Sad Bastard Book Club.
2. The good 'Let it Be' by the Replacements.
3. Touch and Go's All the Saints.
4. Pop music from His and Her Vanities.
5. New Wave from Glasgow's The Blue Nile.
6. Classic splatter-rock from the Accused.
7. Dance-punk from the New Young Pony Club.
8. Skate-punk from Arizona's JFA.


  1. Yo Roland!

    Any way to add some links to the Music Blogs side bar?

    Orgy in Rhythm

    My Jazz World

    Never Enough Rhodes

    Good Bad Music