Thursday, 24 December 2009

Beyond Possession: Is Beyond Possession LP (1986)

Beyond Possession
hailed from the Great White North (Calgary) and are one of the best hardcore thrash bands of all time. Punks seem to like their EP "Skater's Life" and metalheads prefer this LP. Whatever. They are both awesome. I have never seen a band play this fast and this good in my life. Not DRI, not the Accused, no one. They truly took that thrash shit to the next level.

The line-up on this album was Ron Hadley on vocals, Ken Wall on guitar, Jaime Kenney on bass and Phil Pobran on drums. There was a CD reissue of the album and some earlier material called "Repossessed, 1985-1989". It is out of print and incredibly difficult to find but you can read the liner notes here.


Track list
1.Never Nothing New00:42
2.Life Force03:22
3.Dying Fast02:03
4.Living to Tell You About It02:08
5.Last Will and Testament01:37
6.You're So Important02:02
7.Final Daze03:45
8.Why? It's Youth01:24
9.Beyond Possession01:42
10.Creeping Eruption02:16
11.Hard Times01:15
12.Attitude Problem02:08
14.Cinderella Syndrome01:37
15.I'll Never Rest in Peace03:19

Life Force

Dying Fast

Final Daze

Attitude Problem


  1. I sold my (now long out of print) Beyond Possession discography CD years ago in a moment of misguidedness and have been regretting that for some time now. What a great band who don't seem to get their due.

  2. I agree Graeme. I never owned anything by them, but I remember making a cassette copy off a friend that got a decent number of plays on my deck.

  3. Still listen to "Is Beyond Possession" regularly as it made such a huge impact on me in 1986 and still sounds as good today. Super fast, tight, aggressive and just far more interesting than so many other hardcore/crossover bands who could play fast and tight but just sounded typical of the genre. BP had those incredible tempo changes that made their music unpredictable and kept it interesting. Canada had it going on back in the day.