Friday, 4 December 2009

The Accüsed: More Fun Than an Open Casket Funeral LP (1987)

[Front cover by S. Clay Wilson]

[Back cover]

The Accüsed--Blaine Cook on vocals, Tommy Niemeyer on guitar, Alex "Maggot Brain" Sibbald on bass and Dana Collins on drums-- are seriously out there on some other shit. Described as thrash, crossover, slasher-punk, horror-core, and a variety of other terms by the uninitiated, they call their music "splatter-rock". Screeching vocals, chugging guitar, rumbling bass and pounding drums, what else do you want?. Don't fight it. Just sit back, listen and enjoy.

Better known for their mascot, Martha Splatterhead (think of a more brutal and female version of Iron Maiden's Eddie), the artwork on this album is by S. Clay Wilson who did the illustrations for the "Checkered Demon" comics (seen in lower-right corner of the front cover).

I had the opportunity to see these guys in 1989 (1990?) at the Hollywood Palladium with headliners Excel (from Venice, CA) and a local Santa Barbara speed-metal band called Kronix who opened up. It was an awesome show. I'm still searching for live footage. If you have any, please make a comment.

Download the whole album here.

Song List:
1.Halo of Flies (The Deadly Blessing)03:11
2.W.C.A.L.T. (We Can All Live Together)01:47
3.Rape (Not a Love Song)04:03
4.Lifeless Zone02:50
6.Devil Woman04:28
7.Bethany Home (A Place to Die)03:18
8.Mechanized Death (I Love to Drive)01:21
10.Judgement Day02:24
11.Take No Prisoners (No One Left Alive)03:11
12.Splatter Rock03:23
14.I'll Be Glad When You're Dead01:49

!!!TURN IT UP!!!

Accüsed: Halo of Flies (The Deadly Blessing)

Accüsed: W.C.A.L.T. (We Can All Live Together)

Accüsed: Bethany Home (A Place to Die)


  1. These are some killer tracks. Looks like a pretty intense live act to see.

    Did Wilson create other record covers? His work looks familiar...

  2. Loving yer blog, blog bros. Wanting to start a splatter rock band.

    -moose jookabox

  3. Glad to hear ya'all enjoyed this.

    Roland, definitely. They were totally out of control (in a good way). I'll post some more stuff by them in the future.

    Thanks, Graeme.


    Moose, look forward to hearing it.

  4. Roland, not sure if Wilson did other record covers.

  5. Hmm.
    Not sure how I feel about this...

    Interesting attempt at making a blog.
    You have a good start here, but I'd suggest that you upload the links you steal *er* "reblog" to your own filesharing account when you "repost" them, and you should - at the very least - add permanent links to the sites you "borrow" from in your sidebar.

    Glad I could the work for you.

  6. Hey Lo-Res, I guess none of us know the etiquette for this kind of thing. I would have assumed that it is best to link directly to the site that had posted the tunes, but in the future we can re-host them.

    Added you to the sidebar as well.

  7. Lo-Res: In the future I will refrain from linking to your site. Didn't realize it was such a big deal. You are the only blogger who has expressed any sort of distate for linking directly.

  8. So does that make me a bad guy because I did all the work?
    I don't think so.
    How would you feel if your stuff shows up on someone else's site w/o authorization? Maybe you don't care, but I do.

    I'm not pissed, but there is a right way & wrong way to do it - assuming it's ok ISN'T the way to go about it is all.
    I've had alot of posts blatantly ripped off by blogs I want no part of, and I do it because I dig the music as well and wish to represent the bands I love in a quality manner.
    You guys do a nice job too, just protective of my efforts, hope you guys understand.

  9. I am not the biggest metal / cross over fan, but this album is amazing, probably my favorite by the Accused