Monday, 14 December 2009

Masada: Avant klezmer for the Chanukah season.

I suppose it's my turn for my Festival of Lights music recommendation. And so I bring you John Zorn's Masada project. John Zorn is a man of many talents, many bands, and many styles. He's a composer, saxophonist, producer, and more. From traditional styles to hyper-avant noise games, he really is one of those musicians who seems to like and play it all. With Masada (and his record label Tzadik), he helped start a movement called Radical Jewish Culture, with it's core idea to bring Jewish culture and music into the 21st century. Highly prolific and highly entertaining, the music of Masada is engaging, engrossing, and entertaining; with touches of traditional klezmer music interwoven in a strong jazz core.

Masada - Beeroth (from "Live in Sevilla 2000")

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