Saturday, 25 August 2012

Burger Records Bio

Since I am accustomed to releasing cassette tapes myself, and find myself buying most of my new music in the format, the recent series at Allmusic about cassette labels and culture has been great. This wee, they feature one of my favorite cassette labels here in California, Burger Records. Check out the whole piece here.

Best of the Backlog - Car Seat Headrest (Twin Fantasy)

Been trying to catch up after a busy few months overseas, but one of the records that was just gnawing at me, waiting to be shared while I was moving about, was Car Seat Headrest. The record comes from Will Toledo, who records out of Williamsburg and makes some lovely lo-fi psychedelic pop that could easily fit into the Elephant 6 Collective. My favorite track is "Sober to Death," with its crashing guitar riffs that close out the impassioned plea. Highly recommended.

A limited edition cassette is also going to be available from Hatecrime Records. Preorder one now, and get a super nifty shirt as well.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Kisses Release Summer Mix

Indie Disco Kisses has put together a fine summer mix for the waning days of sun. Jump on over to Modular to check it out.

They also recently released a single, "Funny Heartbeat," from their forthcoming full length.