Friday, 11 December 2009

Sounds of Raj: Joy of Life

This goes out to my peoples on Hanukkah.

The cover says:

“Sounds of Raj”

“Joy of Life”

“Classical authentic ethnic tunes”

Special thanks to the Contentious Centrist for translating the Hebrew on the cover. I had no idea what the name of this band was.

Sounds of Raj are Indian Jews in Israel who play some serious Judaic music with classical Indian vocalization and instruments like the tabla and harmonium. I had the chance to listen these guys jam at the Indian synagogue in Yeroham with about twenty friends and colleagues.

Yeroham is a “development town” in the Negev desert which is not nearly as sexy as Tel Aviv or devout as Jerusalem. It’s basically a place in the middle of nowhere in the minds of many Israelis. I really like the people I met there. Good folks.

Song 6

Song 4

Song 2

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  1. Very nice tunes. I am going to have to nab your Hanukkah theme as well...