Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Dreaming of Tanks: When you dream, dream of destruction.

Dreaming of Tanks is a San Diego band that has released one album many years ago (you can email them from their website to see if you can snag a copy, not sure if it'll work, but what do you have to lose!?), played a handful of shows in the mid 2000s, disappeared for 2 years, came back for a couple shows, and now....who knows? It's a shame too, because they're really, really good. A touch of post-hardcore swirled with some interesting guitar and bass work (think late era Fugazi), Dreaming of Tanks is a band that could have been bigger if things fell their way. But I'll take a few great songs from an amazing band over nothing any day of the week.

Dreaming of Tanks - We Saw (from "Abacus")

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