Sunday, 22 November 2009

Weekly Recap

Here is what we touched upon in the last two weeks. Not a bad start I have to say.

1. Some broken Casio pop from Bon Bon Casio.
2. Garage rock from the Sexies.
3. Traditional Jazz from Marion Harris.
4. Two pop songs from Santa Cruz's Catastrophes.
5. Downtempo beats from Zero 7.
6. Don Covay talks Full House.
7. Caribbean come London singer Mona Baptiste.
8. Elf Metal from Elvish Presley.
9. Classical from Paul Mefano.
10. Folk from San Diego's Boomsnake.
11. Fuzzy psychedelic from Eternal Tapestry.
12. Neo-soul from Raheem DeVaughn.
13. Post-rock from Rodan.
14. Baroque pop from the Deer Hunter.
15. Classic Jazz from Annette Hanshaw.
16. Nardcore from Stalag 13.
17. LA's Great Northern.
18. The start of rock and roll.
19. Classic punk from RKL.