Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Jookabox: Jigga what?

Asthmatic Kitty Records is a perplexing label, from soft soothing folky banjo plucking artists to semi-noise projects that have just a handful of "real" songs on an entire album. So where does David "Moose" Adamson's Jookabox project fit in on this scale? Well, let's say it's more noise than quiet banjos. The music is a bombastic, crunching, high energy mashup of blues/rock/hip-hop/house/etc...and yeah, it sounds exactly like it should....quite amazing. Check out his latest, Dead Zone Boys, and enjoy an album that is a "love story meets psychedelic zombie-musical."

Jookabox - Phantom Don't Go:


  1. this album is amazing

  2. hell yeah, this jookabox album is amazing. 11 tracks of mind-blowing trippy tribal zombie tunes. a perfect record.