Thursday, 19 November 2009

The Dear Hunter, no not Deerhunter, but The Dear Hunter.

I'm a sucker for rock operas (fact: Quadrophenia is the greatest double LP of all time), they're filled with grandeur, pomp, and a whole lot of pretension...just what every boy loves! The Dear Hunter is no exception with their music; with a planned 6 act opus that is only half complete at this time (on 1 EP and 2 LPs) that basically follows the life of the child of a prostitute as he discovers himself, his mother, and others in a world filled with religion and sex. Musically diverse and intense from start to finish, each of the first 3 albums are fantastic works of musical art that you should check out. Oh, and they're also working on a 9 album piece about the color spectrum. Ambitious much?

The Dear Hunter - The Lake and the River

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