Monday, 23 November 2009

Malachi Constant, Kurt Vonnegut protagonist or defunct MPLS post-hardcore/rock band?

As a librarian I came across a sticker in a random book one day, all it said was "Malachi Constant." A few days later in the CityPages I saw they were a band and were to be playing someplace I frequented so I checked them out. What I saw was a four piece band full of energy, swinging guitars around with abandon, having way too much fun on stage for the intensity of the music they were performing. Giving humorously odd interviews (claims of accidentally shooting cops and trying to pick fights with other bands with their name), they seemed like a bunch of guys who either didn't care they were one of the better bands in Minneapolis from the late 90's to mid-2000's or didn't feel like putting on a 'hipster' front. In their own words, the bands states that "Malachi Constant is pretty much like your average young white guy poser-progressive band, but we sometimes try to sound like jazz music, and we are conscious of standard rock clichés." Sounds good to me! You can buy their albums here: Malachi Constant at Guilt Ridden Pop

Peter, Paul, and Mary J Blige from their Challenger EP

Saigon Kick from Infinite Justice

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  1. A real tight group that should have been bigger than they were. Do you have any live shows from these guys Craig?