Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Anthrax (UK): Capitalism is Cannibalism 7”

This is Anthrax from the UK. They have nothing to do with the NYC speed-metal band of the same name. My skinhead homeboy Brian C turned me to these guys. Their 7” was released by Crass Records in 1982. Like most of the Crass bands, there is a heavy “peace punk” vibe and anarchist sensibility in their lyrics. However, unlike the rest of the Crass Label bands (with the exception of Rudimentary Peni’s E.P.s) they have a very hardcore sound. Download it here.

Side A:
1. Capitalism is Cannibalism
2. Violence is Violence

Side B:
3. Prime to Pension
4. All Things Bright and Beautiful

Capitalism is Cannibalism

Prime to Pension


  1. I much prefer this UK Anthrax to the USA Anthrax. Big fan to the beginning to "Prime to Pension".

  2. Thanks, Craig.

    Glad you enjoyed it.

  3. Both bands are great, I listened the UK band by mistake, I was downloading some Anthrax(USA) songs and one of then was the one of the UK band.