Friday, 20 November 2009

Stäläg 13: In Control

This E.P. was released on Upstart Records in 1984. It is the first punk rock album I ever purchased. I found about these dudes in Thrasher magazine and ordered “In Control” through the mail. I guess I am pretty lucky as a lot of people sent Upstart Records money and never received the E.P.

This is classic Nardcore (Oxnard Hardcore). If you like your music, short, fast and sweet than this is the stuff for you. The line-up is Ron Baird (vocals); Blake A. Cruz, Dave Casillas (guitar); John Morris (bass guitar); Larry White (drums); Harry Misenheimer (drums). Casillas went on to play guitar on NoFx’s “Liberal Animation” L.P. (1988).

The album artwork was provided by Jaime Hernandez who did the illustrations for many of the Nardcore bands but is better known for his work on the “Love and Rockets” comics and graphic novels. I can’t count how many people reproduced his skateboarding skeleton on stickers and t-shirts in high school graphics arts classes.

You can download the E.P. here.
Stäläg 13: Conditioned

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  1. A great track. I love the Hernandez covers as well. Maybe it is because I am a So-Cal native as well, but this stuff really reminds me of what punk meant “back in the day.”