Saturday, 30 January 2010

Money doesn't mean much to the Shermans

I have been listening to a Sarah Records compilation lately, and so British minded indie pop has been on my mind. The Shermans are an excellent little group from Sweden that has released a few records on Shelflife Records that owe a great deal to the prolific London based label. They formed in December 1997, and were initially made up of Mikael Matsson and Torbjorn Thorsen; vocalist Ingela Karlsson came along a big later after a previous member left the band to join Aerospace. Clean and crisp hooks with pleasing female vocals was their forte, and while their sound has been milked by countless bands over the last few decades, they put together a great number of pop jingles that would compliment any record collection.

Download some of their mp3s for free.

(Adulthood for Beginners from "Happiness is Toy Shaped")

(Lousy Judge of Character from "Happiness is Toy Shaped")

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