Sunday, 24 January 2010

Negative Trend "We Don't Play, We Riot" EP (1978)

I was generally more into Southern Cal punk than the Nor Cal scene. Perhaps it was just a fact of where I grew up. But when I heard Negative Trend on KCSB, I was hooked. Tracked down their single and was not disappointed. Mikal Roberts was the vocalist. Bassist Will Shatter and drummer Steve DePace would later go on to found Flipper and guitarist Craig Cray started the Toiling Midgets.

Song List:
1) Mercenaries
2) Meat House
3) Black and Red
4) How Ya' Feelin'

Mercenaries is a classic, non-pc, punk tune.

Download the EP here.

Negative Trend: Mercenaries


  1. Haven't heard this, but I love Flipper so I'll give it a go.

  2. Yeah, this is some classic stuff. Mandatory listening...

  3. A very fine post. I heard this stuff years back but it was before mp3s and the like, so now I can enjoy it again.