Friday, 12 February 2010

Adam Balbo Fixes your local campfire

We have been running Some Lost, Some Found for a few months now, and we have started to receive a steady stream of mail from artists/labels asking us to take a listen to their records. We will continue to talk about classic bands and records from the past, as well as some of the newer more current stuff coming out, and we are glad to see so many returning readers each day.

One of the new releases sent our way recently was Adam Balbo’s new record, “Fix.” Adam plays short, upsetting and yet stirring acoustic music. The kind of stuff you would play around the campfire if your friends had better taste than to strum out some shitty John Mayer cover in an attempt to get into some girls pants. Songs like “Sharp as a Horse” and “That’s Him. He’s Your Guy” have the downhearted lyric content which appears welcoming and friendly until you process what exactly is being expressed in the narrative. Balbo’s voice never gets out of hand, and works well with the minimalist guitar strumming accompanying each song, giving the short stories represented on the record a fuller body than is immediately recognizable.

Balbo has a slew of older records up to download for free at his and CLLCT pages. His newest record, “Fix” is for sale here. Check it out.

("That's Him, He's Your Guy" from Fix)

("Obligatory Highway Analogy" from Fix)

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