Sunday, 23 September 2012

Slowcore Greats: Half Film

I missed Half Film by just a hair when I arrived in the greater Bay Area in 2000, but they had left a lasting effect on countless moody guitar acts that could be described as the “SlowCore” scene. I picked up their final 7 inch released on AIP Records in 2000, but was never able to acquire their earlier material in a physical format. Thanks to Hidden Shoal Records, now a whole new generation of depressed-sounding bands can see what Half Film was all about.

While not music for a party (or at least any I have attended lately), this reissue is perfect for a rainy afternoon or the wee morning hours, returning from the aforementioned night’s drinking.

Both albums will be released as a double CD on the 31st of October with CD pre-orders on the 18th of October. This is highly recommended stuff for anyone who has a Red House Painters or Low record sitting on their shelf. The fact that these guys don’t have the same fan base as those bands shocks me to no end.

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