Thursday, 7 July 2011

Vasquez: Instrumental Scottish Tech. Rock

Most of the time, I'm a pop grinch -- unless it has three verses, a refrain, and a key change for the final chorus, I'm all but legally obliged to stay 500 feet away*. Vazquez are the kind of band that make me feel like the Grinch at end of the story, though, when his heart grows three sizes bigger and he wonders if there's room for technical rock in there, too. The Edinburgh three-piece's self-titled EP conjures up powerful-sounding metaphors: a particle collider, where hooks appear and vanish in milliseconds, or a subterfuge that churns a flood of sound into melodic lines. Mixed metaphors aside, these songs are dense but approachable, and schizophrenic in a way that rewards multiple listens.

*Which makes me more of a pop sex offender. 

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