Friday, 16 April 2010

Castle Oldchair sounds pretty swell

I first came across Castle Oldchair in Oregon on one of my tours, and he was he an exceedingly nice gentleman. He had already built a pretty comprehensive mystic around him, and put out an underappreciated but excellent record on Standard Recordings. It was the backing soundtrack to my mornings working as a maintenance man back in 2004, collecting fix-it tickets that I would eventually get to midday.

As far as I can tell, Castle Oldchair only put out one record. Here are two tracks from it.

Swallowing Stars

Speaking of Diamonds


  1. hahahaa...a lot like the maintenance department where i work, god love 'em.... I really like this.

  2. Cool to see a post about Xxiawn Shell here! He is still recording and performing music. Sometimes under the name Japatucky (, he released another album as Castle Oldchair called "Newborn Slime", which is awesome and way different. It can be found on his half of a split with Kid Primitive ( Also, here's an amazing live collab with Kid Prim (

  3. Thanks for the info Moose. I will have to check into his other stuff.

  4. this would be the source for soundlings to have