Friday, 15 January 2010

Leafes - Yes google, I mean Leafes.

Here's what I know about the Leafes (and all you really need to know too):

1. They're Swedish
2. They release very limited amounts of each of their releases (on cd-r or cassette)
3. They're great.

Really, #3 is the most important thing. I implore everyone to go to their page and download the one album you'll probably only be able to find of theirs. They're lo-fi acoustic pop, with surprisingly solid English lyrics, and have a touch of electronic noise swirling in the background to give a bit of depth to their songs. If you want to impress your hipster friends, you can buy the album here and get one of their cassettes there.

Leafes - Leafes Howls With the Wolfs (from "In the Mountain's Belly")


  1. Glad you liked them and love the post title

  2. Maybe my favourite lo-fi band, In the Mountain's Belly and the Seedland cassette are full of beautiful awesome songs.
    Everyone should spread the word!